The Slicing Magic Mandoline Vegetable Slicer

Whether you are a restaurateur or just love to cook at home, a mandoline vegetable slicer is a must-have kitchen accessory. There is just one problem.

Almost every multifunctional vegetable cutter currently on the market leaves users prone to injury. All the best vegetable slicers available promise increased convenience. Few, though, are child safe, and none are guaranteed to prevent nipped fingers.

Meet the New Slicing Magic Mandoline Vegetable Slicer

At Slicing Magic, we brought together top restaurateurs and home cooking aficionados to help us reinvent the humble vegetable slicer. As soon as we did, our focus groups identified three areas of weakness shared by existing vegetable cutters.

  • Heavy built electric fruit and veggie choppers are inconvenient to dismantle, clean, and sanitize after use.
  • Neither electric or manual multifunctional vegetable cutters are safe for use by elderly people or mobility impaired cooks.
  • Electric vegetable choppers and slicers are prone to breaking if improperly handled, or used in particularly busy kitchens.

Taking each of the above points into consideration, we set to work creating a brand new kind of mandoline vegetable slicer. The result is Slicing Magic — A safe, reliable, easy to use and easy to clean vegetable slicer, which can be used to create restaurant-like salad bowls in seconds.

Meet Today’s Safest and Most Convenient Vegetable Slicer

 Chefs and home cooks who try Slicing Magic love our multifunctional vegetable cutter.

 No moving parts mean that no clunky assembly is required. At the same time, finger guards completely protect fingers from accidental nips. This makes Slicing Magic universally safer and easier to use than other multifunctional vegetable cutters.

Easy to Use for Everyone — Including Mobility Impaired

Everyone considers a vegetable shredder one of the most useful things to have in a kitchen. However, most people also consider shredders and slicers a pain to clean after use — Slicing Magic addresses this problem.

Whether used as a vegetable noodle maker or used to grate your favorite cheeses, Slicing Magic is the epitome of convenience.

Slicing Magic Key Features

 We’ve incorporated a strainer and collection bowl into our mandoline vegetable slicer. Slicing Magic subsequently collects your shredded produce and lets you rinse and strain ingredients, without having to move ingredients to different bowls or colanders.  

  • Slicing Magic helps you save on the number of bowls and utensils you use during food preparation.
  • Eliminate countertop mess and never worry about nipped fingers.
  • When you are finished slicing, grating, and chopping Slicing Magic can be hand washed and rinsed in seconds, or deposited as-is into your home dishwasher. 

Stay Organized, Save Time, and Stay Safe

Slicing Magic is an all-in-one kitchen space saver, time saver, and safety-focused mandoline vegetable slicer.

Start cutting fruits and vegetables safer and more creatively than when using other food slicers. Order now and add better safety, efficiency, and accessibility to your kitchen!   

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